Almon Marina – Uni qlo, Mall Of Asia

Sorry we weren’t able to update our book for the last few weeks because of some problems… But we are finally back! hello wordpressers and munchers! So last Saturday we decided to eat at Almon Marina located at Mall of Asia (MOA) we had our late lunch there( as usual ) school ended 2p.m. so poor us :(( But Education is for knowledge so better be hungry today than poverty tomorrow!

Here’s the tiny restaurant of Almon Marina.

Theme: American Casual Dining

(But why is there knorr all around? Adapting to the Filipino Culture I supposed? )

They have a lot of sandwiches selections, but because I’m a Filipino at heart, I opted for their Rice Meals.

Lawrence Ordered the Black Angus Beef. This was supposedly a sandwich

but we requested if they could change it to rice and they agreed so TADA! :))

Thinly sliced beef and it was so flavorful but the gravy doesn’t really made it.

The Gravy tasted something like the instant one were you just add water and that’s it. :((

*The staff was so friendly most especially the manager of Almon Marina*

I ordered the Fillet Mignon wrapped with Bacon. ( I’m so inlove with meats pardon me)

This for me is so bitin (too small for me) I understand that fillet mignon is really a small,

but wasn’t expecting it to be this small :(( sad.

flavor was good but gravy sucks same with the issue above.

Overall experience was okay just to fill our empty stomach 🙂

Latest Craze in Manila Uni Qlo a clothing company from Japan!

Clothes are in the mid range but the quality is a thumbs up!

Compare to F21, Uni Qlo focuses more on the textile quality and technology rather than style

Clothes in Uni Qlo are simple and casual.

So Ciao for now! :))


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